The scorpion team:

PhD students

Pedro CoelhoPedro Coelho

Pedro is now a PhD student, working on scorpion locomotion. As an MSc student, he worked on the genetics of the scorpions of the genus Androctonus


Pedro SousaPedro Sousa

Pedro has finished his PhD on the systematics and biogeography of scorpions of the Mediterranean area.In his work, Pedro combines morphological research with molecular phylogenetics and biogeography.


MSc Students

Yuri SimoneYuri Simone

Yuri is finishing his MSc on the biomechanics of scorpion pincers.



Mykola_RaskoMykola Rasko

Mykola has finished his MSc on venom metering in scorpions, and other aspects of how scorpions get the venom into their attackers.


Ana_NetoAna Neto

Ana is studying scorpion locomotion using high-speed video. She is comparing the locomotion of different scorpion species.


Diana PedrosoDiana Pedroso

Diana finished her MSc on the scorpions of the genus Buthus. Her main interest is genetics and molecular systematics.


Sergio HenriquesSergio Henriques

An occasional member of the team, Sergio’s main interest is spiders. For our benefit, he occasionally descends to Solifugae and scorpions.